The Wind and The Man

1 07 2014

A story of a man that chases the wind.
How he sail the ocean
To see the what lie beyond the breeze.
How he thirst himself just to lay his dry fingers on the wind.
How he resist the temptation to drink sea water just to feel the wind around him.
How he lay under the blistering sun so later the wind could ease the sunburn.
How days passes in each row every time the sail fail to blow.
How he watches the dolphins swam two by two as he wishes the wind was here.

Alarmed by every whispers of a coming breeze.
Wishing every whisper follows by the wind.
Fooled by the memory that lingers of a wind long pass.
Blinded by the dust carried by the gust
Wishing the wind would swept it clear off his eyes..

How the man reaches far far shores only to find the wind had left long long before him.
How he stood atop the shipwreck, reaching, as high as he could.
So he could feel the last gentle breeze.
And how the man persist..
His stubborn
His believe
His obsession


3D Printing at the Library

31 08 2013

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Make it 3D … 3D Printer Demos
Image of 3D printer.3D printing is opening a world of opportunities, revolutionizing science, technology and manufacturing.  The library will be demonstrating the new and exciting technology of 3D printing during Maker Month.
Join Anthony for an overview of 3D printing and see objects created in a matter of minutes from a basic digital design. The Library is using the MakerBot Replicator 2X experimental printer and will be printing objects from digital designs from the ThingiVerse.  Check out these how to books to start learning more now.
Central Library
Thursday, October 10th, Meeting Room 1B,  4:00 – 5:00 pm
Thursday, October 31st, Meeting Room 1B,  11:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm.
These are drop-in programs, no registration required.
Brooklin Branch
Thursday, October 3rd, 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Friday, October 18th, 3:30 – 4:30 pm
These are drop-in programs, no registration required.
Rossland Branch
Wednesday, October 9th, 3:30 – 4:30…

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In My Brave, I Fear

28 08 2013

Well, feel free to interpret the lyrics as you please, because, like all lyrics that came out of my mind, this one is meant to be loosely interpreted. My lyrics are not about how it was for me, rather about how it is to the readers/listeners.
So, enjoy, yet another piece of my introversions.

Try not to ask so many questions
Too many questions will give you more lies
Try not to whisper, speak a little louder
Because everything must be spoken aloud

All of my friends seem to think I am mad
One push away from delusional mind
And that’s a question I dare not ask

Because all believers are heathens inside
And that bird singing truth, asking more lies

And I’m dead down here
In my brave, I fear
Yes, I’m dead in here
Where I train my fear.. tonight

Try to refrain from asking more questions
Lies are believable inside your mind
But that little detail has gone from your mind

Because all believers are heathens inside
And that bird singing truth, asking more lies

And I’m dead down here
In my brave, I fear
Yes, I’m dead in here
Where I train my fear..

Tonight, promise to lie
Leaving the truth as we are
Moving up slowly together
Tonight, we’re losing our minds
As the evening is passing this Plain

And I’m dead down here
In my brave, I fear
Yes, I’m dead in here
Where I claim my fear, tonight.

Alone #2

3 06 2012

For every points added to my extroversion, three were also added to my introversion.
So maybe it was never about changing what I am, rather changing the way I accept myself.

Alone #1

13 05 2012

“The worst part about being alone is when you have to tell yourself that everything is going to be alright when everything is not likely to be alright”


3 02 2012

Not exactly the place I want to be but I seem to always end up there..
Not quite the role I want to be in but I must get used to it..
Not supposed to linger on that feeling but I can’t shake it off my mind..
Not really gotten over you but I have to do it quick or it shall be the death of me.
How easy it must be to murder me,
How simple it is to put me on
How fast it is to set me off
How it is sad
How it is bad
Black out the city where I stay
Black is the color I wear
Blacken the bright and the light
Black I am not
Black I am back again
Not every single time I tried but it felt like I never made it
Not even close to an end but I recon a new beginning is nigh
Not so but what people said about me became me
Not nothing but somethings are quite hard to come by.


25 01 2012

It is something that kept on passing, no matter how often you make predictions on what’s coming next time, they will never tell you what year will bring you. Good or bad, sweet or bitter, you just have to find out by experience. IF,, and only IF, the prediction happens to be right, it’s just good random luck.
Random and yet praised and sometimes worshiped in some culture.

Same road..
As year progresses things might seem a bit scattered in places and within that year you will strive to put things back in order again, a new order as it may seem to be, well, in my experience they always seems to be, but in fact the are the same as they were the year before. The things that are “disarranged” and the “new” order that they are going to be “arranged” in, all are the same, the only difference it seems to have is just because the mind serves us a different frame and through different frames we see different sides of life, there where we might mistaken a side that has no problem what so ever to be so lacking of many things, and we fix that side by rearranging the scattered things in the order that we are familiar with at the time. So when that one side has become familiar and “good” we feel content, but as the year ends and we find ourself in a new frame, the other side, the new side of life that we discover in the new year would look so out of place and we would have to repeat that process again and again, year after year,

All it takes to see it is just a stop,
Stop everything and see, feel, care and everything might be just a little bit clearer than it is. This might not help, but a clearer view just might make you see a path that was never before available to your eyes, well at least it became available for me. I’m not teaching or preaching about anything, I’m just trying to get my mind straight by letting things out from my mind, a debugging process for my crashing brain


The allocated space for memories in my brain is running low, I cannot upgrade and I cannot reformat it. Just a long hard debug that I will have to go through again, year after year. A painful and lonely process of removing, replacing, rewriting and lots and lots of memories. Good, bad, wanted and unwanted memories, even the bad and unwanted memories will someday be a memory to be missed, it will be a road to smiles and cheers, for it has taught lessons and clear path to a sane decisions. But it is long time after the debug. Long after.. Wait.. In patience.. And silence.


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